Making Sure You’re A/C is Draining Correctly

A clogged drain line on your AC is a common but easily fixed issue.

Your central air conditioning system produces condensation as a result of the work that it does to keep your family comfortable. That condensation (water) needs a place to go, in order for the A/C unit to function at peak efficiency. Sometimes the drain gets clogged by algae growth or some other foreign material. That is when the problems start.

There are many, different ways to alleviate this issue before calling in the local heating and cooling professionals.

  1. An AC condensation line clogged by algae growth can be cleared by pouring a cup of bleach solution or algaecide in the tube from the inside.
  2. Clogged AC condensation lines can sometimes be cleared by using a wet/dry vacuum attached to the line from the outside. This will suck out the clog.
  3. A flushing the line with a hose or snaking the AC condensation line may also help remove the clog.

As mentioned, there are several ways your AC condensation line can be cleared. We have just mentioned a few. There are also many articles and videos available to help you in clearing your AC condensation line.

If you are not comfortable with any of these solutions, contact the heating and cooling professionals at My Heating and Cooling.